lørdag, august 16, 2008

Budapest - the city of my heart

Some glimps of the beautiful Budapest city. We had some fantastic days together with good friends. I haven't been in the city for the last 5 years and was really excited to be back. I lived some years in Eastern Europe after my graduation, both in Hungary, Czhecia and Rumania. I admit I was afraid I'd forgotten the language... haven't spoken Hungarian for a looong time... But, luckily it came back the minute I hade to order the taxi at the airport. Love the language and it was so much fun to be able to use it again :)

We stayed in a privat flat on the Buda side. We spent the days waking in the city, having good rests in different cafés and long, beautiful evenings in the garden. I love Budapest. If you haven't visited the city yet, do it! I garantee you - you'll love it! :)

This is from a small town a bit outside Budapest, called St. Endre. The city is well known as an artist city. It's a town with beautiful houses, tiny streets and a lot of small shops where you can buy both souveniers and handmade stuff.
We bought the "Budapest Card" which gives us free transport all over the city. We mostly used the tram. That's a great way of sightseeing.
The wiew from the castle is spectacular! Here you can see the Lance Bridge, the Vigado place and the St. Stefan Basilika.
A detail from the Lance Bridge - gorgeous lamps.
And the Parliament is stunning. So huge, with so many details. The last year they've whitened the front of the building and it looks fantastic by night, so beautifully lightened.
Tired turist's feet... Who said the life of a turist is pure joy?
On top of the Buda Hill is the huge castle. It used to be the home of the king, but is today hosting the National Library and a museum.
We altso visited the St. Stéfan Basilika, the biggest church in the city. The building is 96 meter high, and one of the church bells weight more than 9000 kg. It'a beautiful church, no doubt.
Once again a picture taken from the Fishermen's bastion on the Buda hill. The view is stunning.
A glimps of the Fishermen's Bastion late night. I'm sorry my camera didn't manage to capture the right light and mood... It's so much more beautiful in real life.
We also visited the Heroes Square (Hösök tér), with it's enormous statues. So impressing.

Next time I'm visiting Budapest, I'll travel early December. August is terrible warm, with more than 32 degrees... (And that's 10 too much for a Norwegian tourist...) In December the temperature will be more like home, and we'll also see the city in Christmas mood. Can't wait to get back... :)
(Jeg skriver ikke dette på norsk, siden jeg regner med at de aller fleste av dere forstår norwenglishen min... Budapest anbefales på det varmeste.)

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Joke sa...

Love to see where you went this week. The pictures look great.


Kim Piggott sa...

Wow! this all looks so fantastic - I really want to go there now - your photographs are fantastic, what beautiful keepsakes. You should have been a photographer, thanks so much for sharing I have really enjoy going on your journey.
kim x

Hanne sa...

Så flotte bilder, Åshild! Budapest er en fantastisk by, klødde ganske så mye i reisefoten nå...

Ha en strålende fin søndag!
Klem fra Hanne:)

Pauline sa...

Lekre reisebilder, fikk umiddelbart lyst til å reise dit.. kan jeg snike meg med i kofferten din neste gang.. (ha-ha)

Ha en flotters søndag!

Daniel Askeland sa...

Jeg har gitt deg en award på bloggen min :P

Ilka Wilczek sa...

wonderful pictures! Budapest is really a nice town... I know it...thanks for showing your impressions!

Anonym sa...

Szia, Ashild!

Szeretnek irni neked, milyen e-amil-cimet hasznalsz most? Sajnalom, hogy nem talalkoztunk, mikor Budapesten jartal...