søndag, februar 07, 2010

A new pattern

I've been away for another week of study (Art Therapy), and I'm still trying to deal with all the stuff that touched me during the week. It's like I'm trying to find a new way to both organize and understand life - and myself. It's a huge job, really, and quite exhausting. It's hard to consentrate on other things... so I guess I just have to take time. Not rush, but try to go with the flow. Towards something new and better.

The "painting" above is an expression of this process: I painted a really, really chaotic picture that almost freaked me out. It made no sence at all! I had it hanging on the wall for a while, but ended up ripping it down and cutting the whole picture in slices. The cutting experience was unbelievable good - and a bit scary, because I'm not used to cutting up and destroying things... So, in order to "make up", I started to make a new picture by using the same slices, but woven together in a bright new pattern. The colors and the painting on the slices still don't appeal or make me comfortable, but I find the woven picture easier to look at than the first one, so hopefully I'm heading in the right direction - some way...

I've had better days, but I'll manage - knowing there is something better waiting.
Wish you all a great Sunday :)


2 kommentarer

Anonym sa...

det ble hvertfall kjempefint når du flettet strimlene :-) fargerikt og kreativt!

Desire Fourie sa...

This is delightful. Loving the colours and design. Wishing you a lovable Valentines.