onsdag, juni 24, 2009

"Ettertanke" - "Reflection"

When spending time cropping and fixing photos for the mag, I've discovered that this work is perfect to combine with quiet reflection. My thoughts somehow fly more freely when my hands are busy... And - it suits me perfect nowadays. I need some time for reflection. And this tiny discovery inspired me to make a new canvas based on the theme "Reflection". You'll also find it in my shop - Små gleder.

Enjoy the day :)

4 kommentarer

Torill sa...

Du har jo blitt helt rå på disse bildene! Helt nydelig altså!!!
You go girl!!

Aquarell sa...

Ååååå, de er så flotte disse bildene dine!!!!:D
Blir i godt humør av å se på dem!
Flink du er!:D

Pia sa...


Desire Fourie sa...

Ashild, I just admire your unique talent. Your canvasses really conveys so much feeling. Hugs from Desire