tirsdag, august 04, 2009

Loppishelg 2 - A weekend filled with "second hands"

We saw a couple of these boxes during the weekend, and we did speculate a lot: what the heck is this??? Then, finally, at the last shop, a lady could give us the answer: It's a box for crispy breads! You can mount the box on the wall, fill it with crispies and easily open it when you want one to eat. I love it! Both the design, the color and the practical side of it. Cute, huh? :)
And here is my new newspaper basket:
And finally - my favourite one: An 'advanced' hanger.
I found it in one of the shops, together with this cute apron:
And it's just perfect for all the beautiful cards I received for my birthday!

2 kommentarer

Malin sa...

Sjå der ja, passa jo perfekt til korta! superfint:)

Inas lune hjørne. sa...

Så mye spennende du hadde funnet på loppemarked!

Det er noe med det å se mulighetene i ting. :o)