mandag, august 03, 2009

Loppishelg - A weekend filled with "second hands"

I've had the most fabulous weekend! I travelled to Sweden, to visit my brother and my sister in law - and we had one big plan for the weekend: Visiting as many second hand shops (loppiser) as possible! Saturday we found 8 shops - some good ones, and some not very impressing... But oh my, did we shop! So fun! And on Sunday we visited 5 more, and 2 of them were big ones, with several houses filled with goodies. I'll show you some pictures of my new treasures:

Above: a cute "shelf" for handmade cards, or bills... I'm planning to paint it deep red to match my kitchen.

Under: 2 beautiful hooks, a tiny cup, and old metal box and some lids (or locks? Sorry, don't know the english word...). I got the idea from another blogger to use old lids/locks as hooks, so I'm going to mount them on one of the walls in my bedroom and use them for my juwels. I'll take some pictures when it's all finished :)
I also found these old beauties - and I'm so looking forward to use 'em for some altered projects:
And - lucky me! Several old music sheets for only 20,- NOK! That I can like :)
I also bought this lovely decorated box (glass), and it's already filled with coffee :)
I'll save the rest of the goodies for tomorrow....
So long, friends :)

4 kommentarer

Fru Storlien sa...

Så fine ting! Jeg har stor tro på svenske loppis, innbiller meg at de er hakket bedre enn endel norske som er overpriset og har labert utvalg.

Janne i Fagerlia sa...

Jeg blir misunnelig når jeg ser alle de fine tingene du har fått med deg hjem. Særlig låsene var fantastisk fine. Det blir spennende å se hvordan du vil bruke dem.

Kim Piggott sa...

How wonderful Ashild!
Love your brilliant finds!
kim x

Elisabeth sa...

Så mye fint du har funnet på loppemarked!! Nå fikk jeg også lyst på lopper ;)