lørdag, januar 16, 2010

Stand up for yourself

I've had the whole day of and big plans for the day: spending it in my studio, offcourse :) And I wanted to paint a nice picture, but didn't get it right at all... *hmfr* So I had two choices: Give up - or start playing. Leave the thought of making something nice'n right and use the day having fun. And it worked - I started having fun! With paint, collage elements, pens, papers... and several layers.
I'll place this collage in my tiny shop... You can find it here.
Wish you all a great weekend! *smile*

4 kommentarer

T's Creations sa...

Keep on playing, girl! :)
Dette ble bra, Åshild. :)

Aquarell sa...

Kjempeflott arbeid! Likte fargene på denne.:D

Ellen* sa...

Kjempeflott ble det! Du lager så mye fint!:o)

Desire Fourie sa...

Just so beautilicious. Great colours and design too.