torsdag, september 29, 2011

Skissedilla #130 - Sisters

I just love these pictures! They were taken on Christmas Eve 2007. We were all totally stuffed with food and getting tired... But what are sisters for? :) Two minds thinking the same thought: We gotta get out and make a snowman! The snow had been falling the entire day and was just right for creating! I'll show you a layout using the snowman pictures later... It had a quite special looking nose.... *lol*

The layout is made for Skissedilla #130. (I've probably stretched the limits for the sketch big time. Sorry 'bout that!) I've used a new stencil for making the background (ink and sponging...).

Thanks siss for all the fun 

2 kommentarer

Hege sa...

Tøff LO! Digger mistingen!

Aquarell sa...

Fantastisk flott og sprek LO. :)
Friske fine farger på denne.