fredag, april 09, 2010

Tooth on sale!

Or I guess I could have said: Dentist on sale!
I've known about this dentist appointment for several months... Actually I've canceled it a couple of times too... It's not my favourite entertainment. I admit that. Even yesterday morning I considered giving'em a call telling that it's really pity, but I've got the swine flue and will not be able to go... You know, it's a 24-hours-before-the-appointment-limit: If you cancel without passing the limit, you don't have to pay. But I'm a good girl doing what a good girl's supposed to do. I went. And I admit I tried to calm myself by repeating over and over that "He ain't doing anything before asking. He ain't doing anything before asking. He ain't doing..." And usually the first appointment is a "Open-your-mounth-hmmm-yes-you-have-to-come-back-next-week-for-some-more-yawning-thanks-you-can-close-your-mouth-that'll-be-650NOK-please"-kind of appointment. Then you pay and count minutes for the next appointment while desperately chewing down your fingernails one by one... So, I went, sat down for 6 looong minutes at the waiting room, got called, handshaked and placed in the scary chair. And before even considering my possibilities, half my cheek was anaesthetized, the rest of me paralyzed and one of my wisdom teeth sighted it's AMEN.

So, here I am. Less wiser, a lot poorer but sure as hell having the fluffiest cheek ever seen! Not a bad trade, huh? He, Mr Dentist the Gentleman, got my wisdom and my money - I'm looking better than ever! And the best thing of all: He promised that he'd like to date me again!

I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and gay
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me today
I feel charming
Oh so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I'm real
See the pretty girl in that mirror there?
Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face
Such a pretty dress
Such a pretty smile
Such a pretty me!
I feel stunning
And entrancing
Feel like running
And dancing for joy

I feel dizzy
I feel sunny
I feel fizzy and funny and fine
And so pretty
Miss America can just resign

(The card above was made 3 years ago... just for fun. I finally found the occation to show it off for real! Something's seriously wrong with this stamp, right???)

5 kommentarer

Unknown sa...

Nydelig kort du har laget og syns du skriver gode tekster til innleggene dine (",)
Hilsen fra Karin

Pipaiita/Carita sa...

Can´t stop laughing, here´s another pretty girl, mine got taken yesterday and my cheek is still swollen.. Hope yours will down to normal by tomorrow :D Just keep popping those painkillers *smirk*

*singing*...pretty and witty and gaaaayy.....

Berit sa...

God bedring!!
Ingenting er verre enn vonde tenner - eller fantomsmerter etter dem..

Håper likevel at du får en flott helg - bedre å ha det bra på tross av, enn ille på grunn av!!

(og jeg fant svaret til slutt sjøl...)


Marte sa...

Hahaha! Du er rå! :) God bedring med tanna, og kos deg med de friske fargene :) Goood helg!

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