mandag, januar 07, 2013

Work in Progress

I've challenged myself to get out of my comfort sone more often when I create. So, this is my first work-in-progress-case! I'll show you some pictures from the process. 

1. This canvas is 50 x 50 cm. That's H U G E for me who usually use 20 x 30... So much space to fill! First I painted the whole canvas with acrylic paints, using a brayer. Then I added a bunch of metal scrap and a felt text. Glued directly to the canvas.
2. Then I painted the whole canvas ones again - this time with white paint. I covered the embellishment too. And so I went bananas with Ink Mist! Loved the effect on the glued pieces. But hated the rest of the canvas... 

3. Used acrylic paint to make a new layer i blue/green. All over. Nothing left of the mist either... Hiiihaaa! Used som bubble plastic and stencils, and tried to get inspired by Kelly Rae... No success... The face turned out toooo cute. Didn't like it at all. Time for a new layer. 
4. I hate the Perfectionista in me. She really needs a L O O O N G vacation somewhere... I grabbed the palette knife and decided to paint the face only using this knife. I messed up the background with it too. Loved the way of painting. Not quite sure of the result... But what the heck! Who cares? 

And who knows... There might be one, two or three layers more before I let go... Time'll show. 

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Marianne/skorpionen sa...

Fasinerende!! Spennende å se hvordan det hele ender til slutt!