mandag, oktober 01, 2007

Art Journal - To glass og én stol

Idag lar jeg journalsidene tale for seg. Noen ganger funker bilder bedre enn ord.

Some days pictures speak better than words.... Just adding my pages today, and no writing.

Want - don't want to? Need - don't need? Together - alone?

Here's plenty of room for writing. Great view. Many thoughts. Many questions. And by now no answers. That's why I still have plenty of room for writing. For some time yet...

If you stand outside and take a look around you... It's amazing how much sky you can see!

Brooding... looking down and inwards.

Wondering... looking up and out.
Two really different ways of thinking.

I have two glasses. And only one chair. A battle between wanting to manage things all by my self - and longing for someone to share thoughts with. Which one is the strongest? And which one is the best for me?

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