tirsdag, juli 13, 2010

A trip back to my roots

We (my mother and I) have been on a trip today, visiting the charmy little town where my dad grow up. It's called Sand. To get there we need to take a ferry.
Sand seen from the ferry.

Some of the streets are as cute as can be! White houses and narrow streets.

And charming stairways.

The church.

And as I was walking through the streets, heading for the church, I remembered that we used to play on a playground close to the church. I felt so excited and curious to see if it was all gone... But no - the same old slide smiled to me - bringing back good old memories. (There used to be a merry-go-round too, (and I hated it, but had to pretend to love it, of course... ) but it was removed.)

Some of the street names are written in dialect, like the one where daddy grow up. 

And the cute little yellow house of my Grandpa's. Looks just the same! This is where my dad and his 4 siblings grew up.

Before returning to our Summer House we had lunch at the local café called "Fargeriet" (a place where they worked with making colors, a dye-work?). Fabulous homemade food and a lovely place. They even call their toilet "Fiolettet" ("Violet")! How cute is that! 

And finally - the cutest of all:
Taking the ferry back home, I suddenly observed some written text on the ferry walls. Poems! Written by a local poet called Rasmus Løland. It totally made my day!

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❤ Kaia sa...

Hei på deg.
Hadde du tatt ropeidveien litt lenger innover i fjorden, ca. 25 min, så hadde du kommet til Sauda, og der bor jeg!!!!!
Klem fra Kaia

Åshild sa...

Ja, jommen gjør du! Hmmm... Du skal ikke se bort fra at jeg gir lyd fra meg om jeg kjører den veien en gang :) Hadde vært koselig å hilse på deg, Kaia!