torsdag, januar 03, 2013

Creative Jump Start - YEAH!

I've signed up for the daily newsletters of Creative Jump Start, and yesterdays Jump Starter was Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She played with stencils and inkpads, mist and paint. So did I. And my conclution is that when you think everything just looks ugly - don't stop! Go on adding some more layers, and suddenly the art just appears. It's magic! No more - no less. Pure magic. 

My second piece is actually based on the ink-left-overs from the first one. I used the sheet of paper as an underlay during the process. But, most of it is covered with other stuff at the final result. I just played around... trusting the process. Painting a face direct to the paper - scary enough! But in the end leaving me feeling sooo brave! :) No touch of perfection here - and I love it! 

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Nina Macaulay sa...

Love it Åshild! Great words.
I too signed up and and am being inspired :O) Happy days in the hobby room :O))
Hugs Nina x