tirsdag, januar 08, 2013

LifeBook2013 - True intentions

I'm enjoying the challenges over at LifeBook2013. They really challenge me. This week we're to make a paper doll by using stamped parts of the body. I started out making a regular head stamped with definition text stamps. But suddenly I sliced the head in two! I wasn't planning to, I promise! It just happened. And from that moment on everything just turned crazy... And I laughed my way all through the process! So, I'm for sure making small things with great love :) 

3 kommentarer

Desire Fourie sa...

This is so creative. I love the use of the buttons and the sentiment is so true.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Angie sa...

What a beautiful piece!! :)

banglamarie sa...

Du er helt rå! Det er kjekt å følge deg :)