torsdag, juli 15, 2010

Colorful nostalgia & Art Journaling

The room is soon all painted (we just need to paint the floor) - and it turning out SO beautiful! The color is light turquoise and gives me a wonderful nostalgic feeling. But it's difficult to get a good and real photo of the color. I'll show you two pictures, and you just have to imagine something in between these two.  

We'll stash and finish the room tomorrow. New pictures to come... 

It's been ages since I last played with my Art Journal. I've left my studio for a while, and all my AJ stuff too. That makes it less inspiring to create... But, yesterday I bought some tubes of paint and did a page using my fingers as brushes. I'm not sure what I feel about the painting, but I've made a page - that's the important part! The motif is quite abstract, and it's fun to turn the picture upside down. Maybe something new appears...? 
What do you see? Feel free to associate and fantasize with me :) 

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Veronika sa...

Herlig turkis, slik liker vi:) Gleder meg til å se det ferdige resultatet. Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin sommerferie:)